Interior designer
Tetiana Pototska
Personal design for your apartment in a modern style,
3D visualisation, architectural supervision of the implementation of your project
My services
I create functional design projects
from small to large spaces.
Interior design project
Comprehensive services for creating interior design for residential apartments. It enables the development of a complete vision for the project during the renovation and construction phase. The design project development is an essential component in creating a comprehensive approach to renovation.
3D visualisation
A modern tool actively utilized by builders and designers, which enables the creation of a three-dimensional representation of interior spaces. Interior visualization helps in seamlessly planning and visualizing the future concept of the space.
Designer supervision
Complete comprehensive implementation of the design project. I maintain control over all ongoing processes and provide solutions for organizational and technical aspects of the project.
About me

I believe that each design is unique. The connection I establish with clients determines how the projects will look at the end of the design process. We must understand our clients and maintain communication with them, being a part of their dreams. Their dream becomes my dream.

My portfolio
Fragments from selected projects
Stages of work
Technical specifications
Together, we will define the future style of your apartment and prepare the technical specifications, layout solutions, and collages for all the rooms. I will offer multiple layout options to choose from.
3D Vizualization
Detailed visualization of each room will be provided. The 3D images will take into account the previously selected interior elements and finishing materials. This will allow you to have a realistic representation of how the rooms will look with the chosen design elements and materials.
Working Documentation
Creation of working documentation for the interior design project: specifications and layout solution with furniture.
Author's Supervision
Ensuring compliance of construction work with the project plan. I regularly visit the site and oversee all aspects. I also assist with material procurement.
Contact me
Przejazd 6, Warsaw, 02-654, Poland
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